The Island

Clare Island, County Mayo, has been likened to a great sleeping whale guarding the entrance to Clew Bay. Its dramatic contour dominates much of the south Mayo coastline as it overlooks beautiful Clew Bay and its 365 miniature islands.

Clare is a hillwalkers haven, a birdwatchers paradise, a divers nirvana. It is also a natural monument to Irish history - its myriad of archaeological artefacts unfolds the story of ancient history, its lazy-bedded landscape is a testament to the treachery of the 19th century
Great Famine and the toll of landlordism.

Over 1600 people lived on the island in the 1830s.

Nowadays a vibrant community of 150 celebrate their unique past and embrace modern living in perfect balance.

The location

Situated beside the harbour and in the shadow of pirate queen Grace O'Malley's 15th century castle, Granuaile House overlooks the island's main beach. With its golden sands and clean waters the sand-duned beach is ideal
for sunbathing, picnicking, swimming and a wide variety of watersports.

The History

Historic Granuaile House has been home for the McCabe family, and their many guests, since the early 1900¹s. Numbered amongst its first visitors is famous naturalist, Robert Lyodd Praeger, author of The Way that I Went. Praeger led the Clare Island Survey which is classified as the most comprehensive natural history survey undertaken in Europe at the time.